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The Beginning of TimeEdit

The AbyssEdit

Before the world came into existence, there was nothing but the Abyss. The Abyss was a nebula of elements and energies existing in space.

The Creation of A Planet Edit

The Creator came into the abyss and began to make order of all elements and energies. The Creator first crafted rock and stone and shaped a new planet. He tore a chunk of stone from the planet and threw it into space, igniting the asteroid with a sacred eternal flame that brought light and warmth to the planet below. Three more chunks were taken from the planet and thrown into space, becoming moons that lit up the planet's night skies. Water was crafted next and poured across the planet, creating rivers, seas, and oceans.

When The Creator deemed the planet ready, he bestowed life onto it. Flora was the first form of life, a combination of corporeal and ethereal elements. Upon the jagged rock planet grew beautiful plants. Grasses, bushes, trees and flowers of all kinds flourished and basked in the sun's bright rays. These plants grew and gave the planet blue skies and air. Fauna was the planet's second life form, including all insects and animals that roam the land, sea and sky. The planet was beautiful and life was abundant, however the Creator wanted to introduce more spiritual beings onto the planet.

The Creation of Humans and Souls Edit

Human Design: Bodies and Souls Edit

The Creator made humans with a body and an soul.

  • Human Bodies
    • Human bodies were crafted from corporeal elements found within the Abyss and serve as vessels, or "containers," for human souls. They are subject to death and decay.
  • Human soul
    • Human souls were crafted from ethereal elements found within The Abyss. The Creator crafted each soul with a specific purpose and archetype to bring order to humans' lives. Every soul is unique and different from each other. A human's consciousness, personality, and interests all come from their soul. Because souls are made up of ether, every soul is eternal and cannot perish.

The First HumansEdit

The first human colony, known as Nalreyu, lived in perfect harmony with the planet and its maker. The Creator bestowed onto mankind knowledge and the first universal language, known as God Tongue. With knowledge, man began cultivating the land and constructing an organized civilization. With their newly learned language, humans communicated with each other and with their god. They praised the Creator for their existence and in return were blessed with the first forms of magic, Holy Arts. This white magic gave humans the ability to avoid diseases, heal wounds, and live longer. It has been said during this time that humans could live for hundreds of years.

Nalreyu was a utopia. Trees and bushes were always blooming with fruits and berries that could never rot. Rivers of sparkling clear water ran from the mountains to the oceans. The days of man were carefree and peaceful back then; everyone in perfect paradise. The civilization grew and prospered for hundreds of years under the Creator's blessings.

Creation of the GuardiansEdit

Because of the planet's great success, the Creator wanted to create new planets with inhabitants to worship him. In order to keep his first planet at peace, the Creator made divine guardians to watch over it. There were four guardians: North, South, East, and West. The guardians were gigantic titans who roamed the lands. They were entrusted with magic powers to make sure peace was kept while the Creator made life on other planets.

Corruption of the Guardians Edit

The guardians roamed the planet and kept watch over its inhabitants. Everyday they saw the humans living their lives carefree and surrounded by love. Humans continued giving endless praise and worship to their maker. Never once did they offer thanks or praise to the guardians of their planet. After decades of being ignored, the guardians began to envy their creator. They wanted humans to worship them as much as they did their Creator. Time brought more envy among the guardians until eventually they grew to hate the Creator. The titans didn't understand why the humans would continuously worship a god who had left their planet. Before long they began to plot to kill the Creator god and overtake the planet.

The Fall of The Creator Edit

After years of planning, the guardians finally formulated a plan to destroy their maker. After the Creator returned from making a distant galaxy, the guardians combined their powers and destroyed the Creator. The Creator resisted their attack, but in the end fell and with him the peaceful centuries of mankind.

The Chaos Era Edit

The Chaos Era began with the destruction of the Creator. When the Creator was destroyed, the whole planet plunged into chaos. The clouds turned black and swirled in the sky, shooting down lightning onto the earth. The seas raged and rivers flooded. The earth and mountains quaked while fissures broke the ground and swallowed the land. It is during this time the Dahlku were born and flooded the land, killing everyone in their path. The guardians, who now called themselves godly names, fought amongst themselves over the planet's resources. Humans divided into tribes and sided with the gods. The gods granted their respective followers with black Magic Arts, turning the once wholesome magic into destructive forces. The tribes began killing each other in the name of the gods. They fought using weapons forged from hatred and fear. This became known as the War of the Gods. The war raged for years, resulting in thousands of deaths and the exodus of certain tribes into other parts of the world.

After decades of fighting and battles, the gods divided up the planet and ruled over its different parts. It came to be that Terranok ruled over the land, taking control of earth and fire elements. Procella took control over the seas, controlling water and wind elements. Caerulum took dominion over the sky and lightning and snow elements.

The fourth and final god was the weakest among the four and lost his powers over any elements. His presence since the War of the Gods is uncertain. There are many theories as to where he went/what he is doing. Some say the god staked his claim over the humans and has vowed to bring peace back to mankind. Others say the god was destroyed in the war. Some saw he will return to the planet to rule over it with an iron fist. Due to the multiple theories, various sects have arisen that pray to the fourth god.

The Modern Era Edit

At the end of the God War, the tribes that fled to other parts of the world stayed there and developed their own civilizations. The modern era's beginning is marked by the end of the God War and the construction of each city-state.

City-states Edit

A list of every city-state:

Technology Edit

The standard of living and technology ranges from region to region. The majority of the population has the equivalent of medieval technology. Agriculture is a major industry in this world. Stone roads connect between the largest cities while the paths to lesser towns and cities are left unpaved. The most technologically advanced city, Nazach, has already developed primitive rifles and bombs using gunpowder. Nazach also has electric light bulbs, yet they are very rare and found only in the most privileged parts of the city. Wooden row boats and sailing merchant ships are large modes of marine transportation. If not walking, horses are the most common mode of transportation. Carriages and caravans are often used for long distance travel for merchants or people who can afford them.

Reign of the Gods Edit

Since the modern era, the gods have ruled with an iron fist. The gods constantly keep nature and the environment in a destructive state. The lands are constantly rotting and random earthquakes shake the land. The oceans are rough and storms are common. The skies turn red and lightning strikes down from dark clouds. This constant state of disarray keeps humans fearful and subjugated. Humans are constantly praying and making sacrifices to the gods to quell their anger.

All of this devotion has led to the strict alignment of city-states to certain gods.

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